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Shop all the new season's petite clothing - dresses, jackets, tops, skirts,coats, raincoats, jeans and trousers, from the high street, top brands and leading UK and US petites brands, all in one place. If we show you a garment on this page, it is available in Petite even if it does not specifically say "petite" here (e.g. Boden)...


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You know that when you walk into a boutique or a store, so much of the clothing that is on display will work for a taller woman, but not for you if you are a woman in search of petite clothing that fits your body and your build

You know that because the "average" woman is taller than you, so many clothes in the designer boutiques and on the high street will swamp or overwhelm you. It is relatively easy to take up the hem of a dress or skirt if it is simply too long, but if you need petite clothing to ensure you look fabulous, a too-long hemline is the least of your problems. If a dress is too long in the waist or too wide on the shoulders, it will require a major alteration to fit you properly. And when it comes to trousers and tailored garments, the problems are even more acute.  At SoSensational, we have found all the petite clothing that is perfect for you - and also on-trend and gorgeous.

And our clothing is all in one place for you to buy, because at SoSensational, Jan and Cyndy have hand-picked all the delicious petite clothing, from all the most fabulous collections -  all in one place, always sensational, always perfectly on trend.

Perfect petite dresses

There is more to finding the right dress than just finding a garment in the right size. If you are petite build, with narrow shoulders, and have a shorter waist (that means shorter than average from shoulder to waist), you need a dress that has been properly scaled down with your fitting requirements in mind and properly in proportion for your build. At SoSensational we have such dresses from all the best brands and the high street, all chosen by Cyndy and Jan for their style and fabulousness as well as for their perfect fit.

Such dresses selected by SoSensational are not just scaled down beautifully and in the right proportion, but have been selected with petite women totally in mind. We know that means that if your petite dress has frills, a bow or buttons, all these also need to be in proportion, so they don’t overwhelm you. A “big” bow on a such a dress should be significantly smaller than a “big” bow on a non-petite dress – there’s no rule about the measurements, but you can be sure that if we feature a petite dress with a statement bow, it won’t be too large. And while big buttons can be a style statement, a “big” button on any kind of petite clothing should never be wider than 30mm across.

 We also ensure that such dresses we select for SoSensational have the right kind of print or pattern – nothing too big and overwhelming, but gorgeous and on-trend.

Perfect petite trousers

Women searching for elegant petite clothing for their wardrobe often find trousers are one of their biggest challenges. To look great, petite trousers have to be cut for a petite frame, not just shorter in leg length, but in absolutely the right proportion. The flare must be in the right place and they must fit the body well, so that the waist – or hip – sits in exactly the right place. SoSensational selects only from brands that wet trust to cut a perfect pair of petite trousers.

Finding perfect petite clothing

Finding perfect petite clothing is all about finding dresses, jackets, skirts, trousers, tops and blouses that have been cut with your frame in mind. But great clothing is also about the right fabrics, the right prints and the right trims, all chosen in the correct size and proportion for women. SoSensational has sourced petite clothing that ticks all the boxes – and also shows you how to put pieces together so that you look fabulous and will never be overlooked because you are petite.

Finding perfect petite tops

You might think that “soft” pieces, such as blouses, tops and T-shirts are easier to find in the mainstream ranges, but necklines can be too wide,  V-necks can be too deep, or bows can be too large, so SoSensational has petite blouses, tops and T-shirts for when you need them.

Perfect petite brands

We have great petite clothing brands for you to choose from, all carefully selected to be on-trend, gorgeous and styled. SoSensational has stunning, up-scale collections from France, Italy and the UK, as well as High Street brands which have great collections.

Perfect petite shoes

Finding petite shoes can be even more frustrating, because if you are smaller than a UK size 3, UK shoe retailers, on the high street and on-line, rarely stock your size. And if a shoe is really too big – we’re not talking a millimetre or two that can be solved with a heel grip or an inner sole – there’s nothing you can do about about it. SoSensational feels your pain. So we have found fabulous petite shoes in every style you want, from stilettos and wedges, to espadrilles and sandals, ballerinas and boots – every kind of petite footwear you could want, and all in sizes from a UK 13, Euro sizes from 32 and US sizes from 2-5.