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How to avoid Fashion Issues after 50

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Do you look like Cindy Crawford? Do you look like Elle McPherson or Iman?

Even if you have a body and looks like theirs, even if you are them, we feel sure you still have fashion issues now that, like all of them, you have turned 50.

We know this, how?

Because, like the rest of woman-kind aged over 50, however great you look, and however ‘in shape’ you are, when it comes to getting dressed, we all have issues relating to being over 50. Whether you are a former top model or a former book-keeper, the same principles apply for all women over 50. Yes, we concede that if you are a size 8 with legs up to your armpits, you will be looking for a different outfit from a woman who is a size 18 and needs kitchen steps to reach high shelves, but the principle still applies.

We all want to look fabulous and on-trend. But we all also want to avoid looking ‘muttonish’. And, as we know, looking fabulous and on-trend without looking ‘muttonish’ is hard to achieve for every woman aged over 50.


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We know that finding exactly the right fashion at 50-plus is tough, even with a model-like body. It is especially tough when it comes to occasion-wear when we want an outfit that is on-trend. Also, we most definitely don’t want to look frumpy, but nor do we want to look like we borrowed a frock from a passing 18-year-old… So where do we turn?

Why, to SoSensational, of course.

Because we edit collections and ranges carefully, you don’t have to trawl through acres of skimpy,  too-short dresses. You can immediately find lots of beautiful and on-trend outfits (including dresses with sleeve and dresses that will work under a fabulous jacket. And, naturally, we find the fabulous jackets, too.)

So, whether you look like Cindy, Elle or Iman, whether you are Cindy, Elle or Iman, or whether you are a woman over 50, with body issues, we are here for you…


Whatever you did in your younger years please tell us about your fashion issues now…


4 thoughts on “How to avoid Fashion Issues after 50

  1. My “over 50″ fashion issue is my feet. Because of hyper mobile foot bones and collapsing arches, I have recently been prescribed orthotics and told to wear very stiff soled shoes. I now live in my oxblood red Doc Martens and am trying to style myself around them. I can’t afford to invest in too many experiments that don’t work, so any tips would be welcome! I am 5’11” and still fairly slim, so I can wear layers.

    • Sorry to hear about your foot issues – must be painful AND frustrating fashion-wise; you have our deepest sympathies but also our admiration; ox-blood Doc Martens sound fabulous, especially on someone of your (model) height and build. I am also compelled to wear flat shoes these days and I wish I was closer to 5’11″…. But aren’t we lucky that flatforms, trainers, brogues, Dr Martens, etc, remain perfectly on-trend! When you are looking for some new footwear, do take a look at Hotter, GEOX and Ted & Muffy (both available on SoSensational Both have really great flats. Our tip is this: if you want footwear that is flat AND on-trend for spring and summer, consider gold or silver, which are neutral, so one pair goes with almost everything… BTW, you might like to see another of our peers wearing Dr Martens here

      • Jan, thanks for your shoe tips! I will have a look at those brands. Jill Pine certainly rocks her Docs! I love her style… any more tips on what to wear with chunky shoes? I have girlied mine up with same-colour satin ribbon laces which I wrap around the ankles like ballet slippers because they are too long. But what to wear on top?

        • Yes, Jill does, indeed, rock her Docs. But it sounds as though you do, too; satin ribbons sound fabulous! As to what to wear on top, because you are tall, almost anything works, though I like the juxtaposing of tough (shoes) with prettiness and volume in a skirt. Midis with volume look brilliant with ‘tough’ shoes; you sound like someone who can style out any look – so just keep doing what you’re doing!

So what do you think?

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