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Dressing when you are over 60 has never been as chic or as stylish

60s Fashion

Style icons such as supermodel Iman, stylist and entrepreneur Linda Rodin, designer and philanthropist Carolina Herrera and the always-vivacious screen-actress Goldie Hawn, are all proving that being sensationally stylish does not stop in our 60s, or even our 70s…  

Dressing over 60 and looking sensational is about embracing fashion alongside knowing (and wearing) what works for us.  Strictly speaking, this is true at any age!

As we get older, fashion for the older woman may mean choosing classic pieces – but it does not mean playing it safe!

Fashion for over-60 year olds means combining classic cuts with the new-season trends to make the trend work for you.

The perfect example is a classic trench, but instead of wearing it in a ‘safe’ shade, wear it in bright green.  Another classic trench from Hobbs is available in bright purple and a gorgeous Chartreuse green. If you love a little boldness in your colour choices, these shades are perfect for bringing your weekend wardrobe to life.

Alternatively, this timeless navy blazer is given a fresh lease of life with embroidery, making it the perfect way to update your wardrobe basics with something a little different.

60s Fashion 60s Fashion


Every one of our style icons loves a shirt and we understand why. Shirts are timeless, super chic and an essential wardrobe basic.

We love this crisp French Connection shirt as it is works with so many pieces in your wardrobe. However, if you are looking to make a statement of your white shirt, this celestial embellished shirt from Baukjen, is the perfect partner for a pair of dark denim jeans to keep you perfectly on trend this spring/summer.

60s Fashion 60s Fashion


Great dresses are the perfect addition to the over-60s’ wardrobe.

For day and informal dinners, we adore this midi wrap dress from Reiss. The watermelon colour is sensational and the cut works for all body shapes. The perfect “party” dress is a must at any age, and for evenings and occasions, this navy-blue maxi with lace lavished at the off-shoulder neckline from Coast ticks all the boxes – it is uber stylish and perfectly on trend and while it is youthful, the navy colourway and maxi length, make it perfectly grown-up, too, ensuring you stand out for all the right reasons. And while baring our shoulders at over 60 may seem daring, our shoulders tend to age better than other bits, so baring them makes perfect fashion sense for dressing over 60.

60s Fashion 60s Fashion

You can’t go wrong with a well-cut pair of trousers.

However, 60s fashion and contemporary tailoring requires taking some risks, so it’s about finding modern cuts that work for you. If you like to be a tad adventurous with your cut then opt for a wide-legged pant with flattering stripes, such as these from Reiss. For your weekend wardrobe, embrace a little sport luxe with these gorgeous Baukjen trousers that are the epitome of comfort-meets-cool.

60s Fashion 60s Fashion


So when dressing over 60 the rules are simple:

Embrace the classics but don’t be afraid to be bold and mix them up

Be daring with colour and cuts that work for you, while ignoring what you don’t feel comfortable in.

And finally while staying true to your personal style, never forget to continue being a bit experimental.  Add bold and different pieces you adore and that work for you.


over 60 celebs


Are you over 60 and still feeling fabulous? Tell us your favourite styles to wear! Or better still, send us in a photo!


12 thoughts on “Dressing when you are over 60 has never been as chic or as stylish

  1. Might dare to bare my shoulders and I love a decent, well cut pair of trousers. But please, shorter dresses must cover my knees – and I am 5ft 9 ins!

    • Thanks for commenting, Kathy. We totally agree about not minding baring our shoulders and loving a well cut pair of trousers. At 5′ 9″ you are almost an official “Tall” – a lot of our “short” dresses will be too short for you, as they are for me and for Cyndy. But they are just right for those who are not so tall. A lot of “midis” will be perfect knee-length for you (as they are for us) but it’s also worth taking a look on Tall Fashion, here as some of the “shorter” dresses may be just right for you. We are never too strict about lengths as it’s often about individual proportions as much as overall height…

  2. I am youthful middle aged 60 year old and have a total different style to the rich ladies in your article. I love stylish, classic,youthful clothes so much that I have entered and in the Ms Galaxy UK 2018 final . I would have loved to send you a photo of myself; however there is no means to do so: I’m quite sure there are many readers who look just as good as those rich ladies on a fraction of their money.

  3. I am 85, still love my clothes and style, shop well and have retained the shape I have had all my life, keep up to date with fashion, prefer a classic look and do not think I am Mutton dressed as lamb! So much enjoy sosensational, a breath of fresh air, thank you!

    • Thank you Hazel – what a lovely and inspiring comment. Obviously we love fashion, and are truly delighted that a woman with a few extra candles on her birthday-cake is still loving fashion, too. We’ll keep trying to find you things to love…

  4. Do you ever check out Margaret Howell, Agnes b or for those needing a bit of give Oska
    I find the store Fenwicks is always inspiring. Although Hobbs has become rather boring they do have the odd jacket that becomes a classic. Also Jigsaw is always worth a visit. My crowd is mainly architects and designers of buildings, interiors, gardens, jewellery etc who always look designed and have an amazing colour sense. I wish you would broaden your horizon a little – I think you have a great idea here and enjoy all your hard work.

    Just came across this – much more my style of images

    I recently saw a very smart older woman wearing a long shirt dress and grey leggings. I want the leggings ! Have looked everywhere. They were soft fabric more like T shirt material – not stretch – in soft grey. Any ideas ?

    • Hi Julie, Thank you so much for your comments. We love hearing from our site visitors. We are always on the lookout for new brands to feature, but unfortunately, there are a few brands who keep themselves to themselves. Margaret Howell and Agnes B are two of them. We quite understand why you love them though, especially in your world of arthitects and designers. We’d love to have them on board so maybe they’ll get in touch! We will take a look at Oska, but can confirm that Jigsaw is one of our favourites too; really beautiful clothes. As for the leggings, we’ve found these Hope you like them! Thanks for your nice words Julie.

  5. They all look B….y awful,really, please they look stupid. Who are you trying to kid. I am that age and I would not want to dress like any of them!!!! MUTTON springs to mind.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mary. Naturally, you are entitled to your opinion, and, naturally, we disagree with you. Cyndy and I are also ‘that age’ and we love fashion and think a lot of women over 60 embrace fashion too. If you like to be more classic, that is your choice, and a very valid one, but our raison d’etre at SoSensational is to find fashion that a woman over 50 or over 60 can wear to look fabulous…

  6. I so agree, and at 85 I still think I am stylish….5ft 8ins tall, size 12, and love my Phase 8 jump suit, Calvin Klein Jeans, and Peruvian Connection casuals….probably embarrassed my son when I wore a Flappers dress at his Veterinary Practice Christmas party….I felt OK and it was a laugh! Would enjoy this cruise!

    • Thank you so much for commenting, Hazel. As it says on our site, ‘Style doesn’t Stop After 50’, nor after 60, 70 or 80. We would bet you looked not just okay but totally fabulous in that Flapper dress – sounds gorgeous; you keep flying the flag for fabulous 50-plus women.

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