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Meet the Patch-on-istas or Divas with Double Vision

So what are the odds of the two co-founders of a business ending up with the same, unusual eye condition – and for two totally different reasons?

Unbelievably, that’s exactly what’s happened to SoSensational’s business partners and friends, Cyndy and Jan, who have both developed double vision!

“We are both currently wearing an eye patch!  How bizarre that we are both now suffering from Diplopia, the medical term for double vision, making us the Patch-on-istas, or Divas with Double Vision!

Only a small number of adults are diagnosed with Diplopia each year in the UK, so how likely is it that we, the business partners who co-founded, would both now be wearing an eye patch at the same time in our lives.  Well, the question is rhetorical, but we think it’s very unlikely!”



Says Jan: “I’ve had double vision following brain surgery that went catastrophically wrong, leaving me with a long list of impairments including many issues relating to sight.  My sight is thankfully much improved, but I frequently suffer side-by-side double vision, especially when I’m tired.  That’s when I slap on my patch!”

Cyndy comments: “My double vision, where I see one image above the other, has only recently developed and I have to wear a patch all day.  It may result from Thyroid problems or other issues, but I’m currently baffling the wonderful doctors at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, who are trying so hard to give me the right diagnosis.  Trust me to be hard to fathom!


patch bottom full length


But being who we are – energetic, purposeful women, dedicated to bringing fabulous fashion to women over 50 – we carry on carrying on despite our eye issues.

In true SoSensational style, we have made a few bespoke, designer alterations to our eye patches, so it’s jewels and sequins for us, and a new female tribe, the Patch-on-ista…”


If you are or have been a Diplopia sufferer, do let us know how you are getting on. Have you found any treatments that have worked for you – or not?


So what do you think?

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