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10 Beautiful Bags with Royal inspiration in mind

As we’ve said often, we love a handbag.

Our royal ladies seem to love them, too. And they all seem pretty good at picking a gorgeous designer handbag. Even HM the Queen (and even if only by accident) is right on-trend right now with her ladylike, top-handle bags.

So we thought we would look for some Royal (or Royal’ish)  inspiration for designer handbags for Spring. We don’t care about the age of the Royal; we only care that the handbag is super chic and could be worn by a chic 50-plus woman even if it is actually carried by someone well under 50!

Here are our top 10 bags with Royal approval:


We are not sure if it was the actual carrying, or the astute and speedy piece of marketing by Strathberry, but since Meghan Markle was snapped carrying their bags – The Midi Tote and the East/West – the Edinburgh-based handbag firm has found itself firmly on the fashion radar as a purveyor of desirable designer bags.

According to Strathberry, they have seen an increase in interest from the over-50s. Of course they have, as over-50s are super chic and always on the lookout for a gorgeous anything...

royal handbags strathberry royal handbags strathberry



We don’t need to tell you how much the Duchess of Cambridge likes a gorgeous bag. She seems to prefer  clutch bags, but it could simply appear that way because she’s most often snapped at formal events where a stylish clutch-bag is the most appropriate accessory!

Here, she has swapped her clutch bag for something a little roomier. Her Victoria Beckham tote (left) is from a previous season, but we love the Coach tote (below left) and the clever Longchamp classic (right).

royal handbags coach



You (and we) can always depend on Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton to perfectly complete an outfit every time.

We love her choice of a super-chic quilted  bag (by Chanel) That shimmering chain strap not only looks pretty but frees our hands for hand-shakes and sipping a glass of something sparkly, making it especially perfect for an occasion (ours is pre-loved from Vestiaire).

Carole Middleton also loves a chic top-handle bag like the pastel pink one (above right). Below is a slightly different but equally chic,  pastel pink, top-handle bag from Dolce & Gabbana. This one has a strap making it office-friendly as well as appropriate for occasion wear.




Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, also loves a pretty and stylish clutch bag which, of course, is ideal when you attend formal events. But she also likes a chic top-handle bag.

We suspect some of her handbags (clutch or top-handle) are vintage. But the two below, the elegant L.K.Bennett clutch,  and the Aspinal top-handle bag  will work their royal magic for any occasion.

royal handbags aspinal



With her penchant for top-handle handbags and with the Ladylike, Vintage  vibe going on in the world of fashion, Her Majesty The Queen is looking (handbag-wise) right on-trend these days.

Films and TV dramas set in the 1950s and 1960s (a period otherwise known as Our Youth), have given a real boost to that mid-century sensibility running through Fashion, turning Queen Elizabeth II’s handbags into designer trophies.

Well, that Launer bag in black, on the left, could be described as a designer trophy; the cream  one (above right) not so much. We have, therefore, found a beautiful alternative pale bag by St Laurent…

royal handbags launer


So which one of these ‘Royal’ handbags is your favourite?  Do tell us below!


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