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Fiona Bruce – here’s how to Steal her Style

We are big fans of Fiona Bruce. We like her as a newsreader and as a presenter of, among other things, Antiques Road Show and Fake or Fortune.

But primarily, we are fans of her style of casual chic displayed best when she is not reading the news. In particular, we love her evident ‘thing’ for jackets and how she has embraced shirts and layering.

Can we mention at this point that we also like the more polished and formal style she rocks when she is news-reading. We love her chic jackets, which have been a staple of the newsreaders’ wardrobe since women started reading the news in the 1970s. But we also love the dresses, skirts or occasionally tailored trousers which accompany those jackets now that newsreaders have had to come out from behind their desk. Fiona Bruce does ‘polished’ and formal very well indeed.


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In general, at age 53 (she was born in April 1964), Fiona Bruce (AKA Mrs Nigel Sharrocks) has developed a strong personal style which we think is well worth borrowing.

We should also mention her hair, both the cut and the colour. That chopped-into, slightly ruffled bob suits her very well. It is a more on-trend evolution of an earlier bob, and perfectly treads a line between polished and casual. We like the colour, too and care not whether that rich brown is all her own or is helped along by a tinting brush; that is between her and the salon she attends. As we have said often, no-one needs to go grey these days, unless they want to. There have been so many advances in products, both professional and for home-use that we can keep the grey at bay if we wish to… Fiona Bruce has warm colouring so she suits that rich warm brown…


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Her make-up is very natural looking, too. When we see her on TV, she is always professionally made up. But with the right products such as concealer, highlighter and primer, and the right colours and techniques, it is possible to achieve a natural look. After applying concealer and highlighter, use a BB cream to even out skin tone. Emphasise eyes using a mix of browns and nude tones and use a liquid liner or pencil to outline, add a hint of colour with bronzer and blusher, and, of course, a browny-pink lippy with just a hint of gloss…

As we said earlier, what we really love about Ms Bruce is her penchant for cropped jackets, and her clever way with shirts and layering.


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What do you think of Fiona Bruce’s style? Tell us in the comments below!


17 thoughts on “Fiona Bruce – here’s how to Steal her Style

    • Hello Joy Many thanks for emailing. You’re not the only one who loved that dress! We’ve had more enquiries about it today, than anything else, ever! Unfortunately we don’t know where that exact dress comes from but do take a look at Art on Fashion, Although their site is down at the moment, you can leave your details for them to contact you. Alternatively, the BBC or Fiona’s agent or publicist may be able to help. Best of luck!

  1. fiona bruce wore a lovely dress on the roadshow on the 17May sleevless where did she purchase this

    • Fiona Bruce’s dress that she wore on the Antiques Roadshaw last night Carol must be the hit of the season! We have had several requests about it today. Unfortunately, we don’t know where that exact dress came from – and there’s always a long gap between filming and airing – but suggest taking a look at Art on Fashion, a brand which produces something similar. It appears their website is down at the moment but you can leave your details if you wish. Alternatively, it might be worth trying at the BBC and Fiona’s agent or publicist. Hope that helps!

  2. Do you know where to buy Fiona Bruce’s wonderful blue check jacket as worn NOW on Antiques Roadshow from Stormont Castle, nr Belfast today 29.07.18. Many thanks. Joy Lunn

    • Hello Joy, many thanks for writing in. We get more requests for the details about clothes that Fiona Bruce wears on The Antiques Roadshow than almost anyone else! We haven’t found that exact jacket (usually the programmes are made quite a while before they are shown so products do go out of stock), but suggest trying a company called Maquien who make tartan jackets and may be able to help. Wish you all the best.

    • I saw that programme too Barbara and agree it was a lovely jacket. We’ll do a bit of digging and see what we can find.

    • Hello again Barbara Disappointing news I’m afraid. We have had a really good look around but haven’t been able to find the jacket Fiona Bruce was wearing on Antiques Roadshow on Sunday. The problem is that if these programmes are made well in advance of viewing, the clothes wouldn’t be currently available. Perhaps you could take a look at our jacket selection and see if there’s anything you like. We’re always updating too! All good wishes.

  3. Where to start!! I like her hair – prefer the slightly longer style, & love the colour. However, I loathe her short skirts – which do nothing for her legs,which are very school girlish & jolly hockey sticks. On many of the jackets I dislike the cut into collars & zips. All that aside, her easy manner, calm exterior and way of speech are her best features.

    • Many thanks for your comments Judith, always appreciated. Fiona Bruce does have an easy manner, doesn’t she. I’m a big fan of watching her on the Antiques Roadshow. She exudes empathy…

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