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Hair, Make Up & Style for Older Women – hide broad shoulders

Broad shoulders are a wonderful asset, but you do need the correct clothing features to show them to their best advantage.  Take a look at how our makeover for Hilda worked wonders for her very broad shoulders…


Hilda – Hi, my name’s Hilda. I’m from Glasgow but I’m living in Northwest London. I’m a yoga teacher and I sell chocolate. Today I’m really looking forward to learn how to update my makeup and my style.

Cyndy – Would you like to see what a really great makeover can achieve? I’m Cyndy and my business partner Jan and I help grown up woman find wonderful, appropriate clothes at

Tricia – And I’m Tricia, I’m founder of Look Fabulous Forever and we have a range of makeup specifically formulated for older women. Keep watching this video and you’ll see how the right clothes, hair and makeup can completely transform your appearance.

So for Hilda’s makeup we’ve really concentrated on the eyes. Made sure that they look as big and beautiful as we can make them using brown shades, lovely shaping to the eyebrows and on her cheeks we’ve used Peach Cream Blush and her lips are Foxy Lady Lip Colour. And all of those colours work brilliantly together for her lovely, warm tone skin.

Cyndy – We’re pleased that Hilda has joined us today because Hilda has broad shoulders so we’ve chosen this dress especially for her because it’s got a lovely raglan sleeve which works so well. But also, an illusion dress. It creates a great, great line. Fantastic. And we don’t believe that biker jackets have an age. We think that anybody can wear them any age and this almost formal dress looks fantastic with this quite casual biker jacket. Add a bit of bling and a bag and she’s good to go.

Cyndy – Here is Hilda in a completely different look. This Boho kimono is fantastic. It will take her to Sunday brunches and all sorts of different sort of semi smart occasions. It’s got a Dolman sleeve so there’s no sort of set in sleeve to worry her broad shoulders and it doesn’t need any jewellery because it’s got a look all on its own. For Hilda’s last outfit, we’ve chosen something very casual a nice, oversized sweater, nice bangle and it just works.


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