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Helena Bonham Carter – here’s how to steal her style

Helena Bonham Carter, 51, is one of the UK’s – indeed, one of the world’s – most talented and luminous actresses.

We loved her (well, her voice, anyway) as the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland and we loved her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother in The King’s Speech. We really enjoyed her portrayal of a divorced working mum in the TV adaptation of Love, Nina.


Helena Bonham Carter 3


As an actress she is superb, but as a style role model for 50-something style, not so much. In fact a lot of her off-screen outfits are a car crash.

While there are plenty of photos of her looking polished and glamorous for film premieres, award-ceremonies, and the like, there are also lots of photos of her resembling a bag lady!


Helena Bonham Carter 2


But we don’t think that’s an accident. We apologise for coming over all Freudian (or perhaps Jungian), but we think this is not just Ms Bonham Carter being a free spirit but is her being deliberately anti-celebrity. Well, she’s 51, so she can dress how she wants and we can steal some style even from her rebellion.

After all, while we think looking groomed is a good idea for grown up women, not everyone wants to look polished. So, if you like Helena Bonham Carter’s style, here’s how to steal it without looking like a bag lady.

Scrunched hair and curls are fabulous over 50, but hair needs to be cut and shaped really well so the hair is properly under control and not too wild. Also, curls look better if groomed with a product such as Maui Moisture Curl Quench Coconut Oil Curl Milk from Boots.


Helena Bonham Carter


In our photo, Ms Bonham Carter is quite blonde. With such intense natural colouring (brown eyes, brown hair, porcelain skin), we think darker hair colour is more flattering, and we would urge anyone with similar colouring to avoid going blonde. Instead, steal a bit of her glamour by adding some rich lowlights.

In principle, we love the outfit. The midi skirt paired with a long jacket and top (both in the same colour) look on-trend and make a change from jeans for an off-duty look.

However, there are, ahem, bits of her style we wouldn’t want to steal, such as the huge, overstuffed bag and the footwear and hosiery – apologies Helena!

A smaller bag worn cross-body and in black would be infinitely more elegant. Or, if carrying around a stack of library books is a must, a big tote would look more stylish. As for footwear, a pair of black knee-high boots, or opaques worn with brogues or loafers in the same colour would look more pulled-together.



What do you think about Helena’s style?


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