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Need help finding your special celebration outfit?

SoSensational has been writing a lot about weddings recently.

We hope that, if you have a wedding coming up, our advice has been helpful.

But even if you have a different kind of celebration coming up, such as a Christening, a Bar- or Batmitzvah, or maybe a big party or a day at the races, you will also be looking for a special outfit.  That is where the John Lewis Wedding Boutique will really help.

And to make your life easier, SoSensational has chosen five outfits from the Boutique  and from across the John Lewis partywear collections that are especially perfect for a fashionable, 50-plus woman – outfits that will be perfect for a mother-of-the-bride or a mother-of-the-groom, for a wedding guest or for any mature woman attending any red-carpet event or a day at the races this season.

And if, like Jan and Cyndy, you want to ensure a streamlined silhouette, the Boutique includes clever shape-wear to wear under your frock or outfit. And to make your life even easier, we have found you the bags, shoes, hats and brilliant fashion-jewellery, to co-ordinate with the outfit.

Image Map

Image Map

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Which outfit is your favourite from our fab selection?


So what do you think?

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