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Top Coats for Winter

We’d be fibbing if we said that either of us needs a new coat. Of course, neither of us needs a new coat. But when did “need” have anything to do with wanting to look sensational?

Instead, let us be totally honest and say we’d like a new coat because there are so many gorgeous ones around to tempt us…

When buying a coat these days we seek 3 things:

1. It will turn heads
2. It will generate coat-envy wherever we go
3. We love so much we will not want to take it off.

Sorry, we almost forgot a fourth thing: we also want it to keep us warm.

When choosing a coat colour, keep in mind that most neutral shades will work over most outfits. Also that dark neutrals – and dark colours, generally – need less dry-cleaning. (But you know that!)

We adore the season’s pastels which, like cream and winter-white, are perfect for occasions and weddings. Of course, pastels and those pale neutrals are high-maintenance but, personally, we’re willing to overlook the dry-cleaning bills in return for the sheer glamour they add!

We also love the on-trend brights, such as purple, fuchsia, chrome yellow and red.

Styling tip: if your coat doesn’t match your outfit, fill in the neckline with a gorgeous scarf that does match the coat. It will cleverly conceal what you are wearing underneath…
To show you some of the season’s most covetable coats we have been searching the collections. Here are our top picks, but you can find lots more here.


After making its runway return a few seasons ago, it has taken a few winters for faux-fur to be HUGE… But now it is…

Whether you want yours short, knee-length or midi; whether you prefer it in a “natural” colour or in a pastel or a bold hue, whether you want it to resemble your old Teddy-bear or you prefer it plushy and smooth a faux-fur coat is (in all senses) hot for A/W18. And if all-over “fur” feels too much, look for it as a lavish trimming.

Yumi and Hobbs Teddy Coats

Left: Yumi, £85, 8-16 

Right: Hobbs, £269, S, M, L

Dorothy Perkins Teddy Coat and H&M Fur Coat

Left: Dorothy Perkins £60, 6-22

Right: H&M, £69.99, sizes, xs-l


A padded coat – AKA a quilted coat, a duvet-coat or a puffer coat – is the perfect choice if you like to combine style with practicality. (Yes, they are sometimes also known as a “Puffa,” but that is a brand-name so may only be used for an actual Puffa). After starting life on the ski-slopes as a warm, water-resistant cover-up, the padded (quilted, etc) coat got a make-over. With a sleeker cut, and crafted in stunning colours and a variety of lengths, the padded coat transitioned to desirable coat for city, country and all outdoor life…

Peter Hahn and Debenhams Puffer Coats

Left: Peter Hahn, £239, sizes 10-24

Right: Studio by Preen, Debenhams, £79.20, sizes, S, M, L

Roman Originals and Boden Puffer Coats

Left: Roman, £70, sizes 10-20

Right: Boden, £190, sizes 6-22


We expect you’ve noticed that block-colour coats are A Thing! It all started with a pink coat at M&S about 5 winters ago. Since then we’ve grown accustomed to tailored coats in gorgeous colours. To tempt us, this season’s block-colour coats are available in an entire paintbox of pastels and bold hues…

Pure Collection and Hobbs Block Colour Coats

Left: Pure Collection, £108, sizes 8-20

Right: Hobbs, £299, sizes 6-18

Winser London and Boden Block Colour Coats

Left: Winser London£350, xs-l

Right: Boden, £198, sizes 6-22


There are also beautifully tailored coats in understated colours or in quintessentially British tweeds and checks. This small selection highlights just a few of the season’s important understated colours which include camel, black, navy, grey, cream/winter-white, burgundy and dark green.

Phase Eight and Jigsaw Statement Coats

Left: Phase Eight, £219, sizes 8-18

Right: Jigsaw, alpaca and wool, £499, sizes 8-16

Joseph and M&S Statement Coats

Left: Joseph, £795, sizes 32-44

Right: M&S, £99, sizes 6-22

We hope you enjoy shopping for your perfect coat. We’ll be back soon with more fabulous fashion for women of 50-plus. In the meantime, stay sensational.



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