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The SoSensational Ultimate Guide: Wedding Guest

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The wedding season is rolling round fast, and if you have a wedding in your diary to attend as a guest, you are probably already beginning to think about what to wear.

You may even be worrying about what to wear. We know we would be worrying. Why might we be worrying? Because big occasions always make us panic slightly. You, too?

There are a lot of boxes to tick: we want to look gorgeous because we want our partner or Plus-One to be proud of us. But we don’t want to look as if we are trying to outshine the bride, or to look as if we are trying to upstage the bride’s mother or the groom’s mother…because as a wedding guest, there is a fine line between amazing and ‘too much’..

And then it’s about getting the outfit just right for the type of wedding, as well as just right for us as 50-plus women. We want to look right for our age – but not frumpy and definitely not ‘mutton’. Whatever type of wedding we are attending and at whatever time of year, we want to look on-trend but timeless, elegant but not dowdy, youthful but not girlish…

We may also have other demands, such as sleeves (though do keep in mind that a strappy or sleeveless dress can easily be paired with a pashmina or with a jacket of some kind to provide cover for arms).

Will your dress or outfit be short, or will it be long? Will it be embroidered or will it be plain? The answers to all those questions depend on several factors, notably whether it’s a lunch, a tea, a dinner-dance or perhaps cocktails and a disco. Or maybe it’s all of them, with a religious ceremony as well, just to make the perfect outfit even harder to track down. There’s also the season to be taken into account, but for now we are assuming the wedding to which you’ve been invited is in spring or summer.

Here are all the dresses and outfits from all our favourite brands, that you need to look amazing and awesome for spring 2017…


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Are you thinking about buying an outfit for a wedding this spring. Are you worried? Let us know…


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