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The 10 Wardrobe Essentials you need all year round

Styles change. Trends come and go. We all need to update our wardrobe and anti-age our closet, or risk looking ‘past it’.

At SoSensational, we suggest seasonal must-haves as well as fabulous clothing buys for specific occasions and events – all thoughtfully chosen for you, the fabulous, fashionable woman over 50 rather than for an 18-year-old.

But as well as updating our wardrobe, we all also need clever basics which can complement and supplement our new purchases.

So here are the 10 essentials every fashionable woman over 50 needs in her wardrobe.


1. A lightweight thermal vest – if you live in the UK or ANYWHERE in the northern hemisphere with unreliable summer weather, a fine-gauge thermal vest is your way to avoid shivering when the temperature dips for your day at Royal Ascot or at a wedding. A thermal vest is also a good investment for the cooler months (that is the officially cooler months) if you want to leave your coat at home…

essentials 1.1 essentials 1.2

essentials 1.3 essentials 1.4



2. Nude Shapewear – every fashionable woman should own some Shapewear to ensure a sleeker silhouette and Nude is the best colour as it goes under anything and everything. Ideally, you may wish to own shape-wear pants to wear under trousers or jeans, and a Shapewear slip to give a smooth silhouette under dresses or skirts and making it easier (well, slightly easier) to go to the loo. Also, a nude shapewear slip can be worn under something sheer to make it more wearable.

essentials 2.1 essentials 2.2

essentials 2.3 essentials 2.4



3. Nude multi-way bra – a multi-way bra is an absolute essential and nude works under any colour top or dress. Décolletage comes and goes (i.e some seasons it’s on-trend to have cleavage; some seasons it’s on-trend not to have cleavage) but as a grown-up woman, especially if you have a fuller bust a bra is an essential, and a multi-way bra in nude can be called into service under bardot, strapless, strappy, cold-shoulder, one-shoulder…

essentials 3.1 essentials 3.2

essentials 3.3 essentials 3.4



4. A nude vest/cami – A plain vest or cami in nude is the perfect thing to wear under any kind of sheer, lace or see-through top or blouse.

essentials 4.1 essentials 4.2

essentials 4.3 essentials 4.4



5. Cashmere shawl/Pashmina in your best colour – this is a great essential especially when packing for a holiday, as it can get cool in the evenings, especially on board ship or in the tropics. A warm shawl in a very flattering colour can drape round your shoulders to ward off chills while also making you look extra gorgeous.

essentials 5.1 essentials 5.2

essentials 5.3 essentials 5.4



6. Lightweight, silky shawl in your most flattering pale neutral – this is less about warmth and more about wearing a colour next to your face that reflects light, rather than absorbs light… If you want to see this trick in action, take a look at Brigitte Macron on our Celebrity Style Steal.

essentials 6.1 essentials 6.2

essentials 6.3 essentials 6.4



7. Basic tees/vests – naturally shapes in tees and vests change every few seasons, so what are we talking about? Well, some basic tees –in undemanding colours such as white, black, grey and navy, and without slogans or visible decoration/embellishment – can be called into service to be worn under shirts, blouses or jackets. Take a look at this video and this one to see what we mean…

essentials 7.1 essentials 7.2

essentials 7.3 essentials 7.4



8. Belts – belts, too, are susceptible to the vagaries of fashion. But the chances are that narrow belts or wide belts, waist belts or hip belts will suit you best, so you should wear those, always…. Whichever kind it is, invest in one in light tan and/or gold, either of which is cleverly neutral and can be worn with lots of outfits. Corset belts and chain belts are fun, but not essentials.

essentials 8.1 essentials 8.2

essentials 8.3 essentials 8.4



9. Going-out Handbag –fashions in bags change constantly and what may seem like a ‘classic’ could still look dated after a while unless it’s a top designer brand. However, it is always worth having one ‘smart’, ‘dressy’ bag for going out… obviously, black goes with lots (or maybe dark navy or chocolate if navy or chocolate is your preferred dark neutral), but a bright such as purple or fuchsia (or in Cyndy’s case orange) can be far more versatile than you might think, and will look fabulous worn with all kinds of neutrals.

essentials 9.1 essentials 9.2

essentials 9.30 essentials 9.4



10. Evening shoes – a pair of really fabulous evening shoes that you can rock for any after-dark event…Again, black (or dark navy or chocolate if they are your preferred neutral) makes sense but gold, silver or a bright can also be truly versatile.

essentials 10.1 essentials 10.2

essentials 10.3 essentials 10.4


Do you have any other essentials you can’t live without? Tell us below!


So what do you think?

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