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Your Perfect Fuller Cup Bra Is Right Here

Here at SoSensational, we think a well-fitting bra is the essential foundation for looking good in all our clothes, which is why we want to tell you about Brastop.

When we were young (sorry, we were younger), our boobs may have been prey to the vagaries of fashion – some seasons we wanted cleavage; some seasons we wanted to look less curvaceous and then there was our menstrual cycle when the size of our boobs was out of our hands, so to speak.

But by 50-plus, we have a body that we want to dress well, that we want to show off to maximum advantage. And that means a great bra that fits well and is supportive. And that is true whether we are a double-A cup or a double-G cup but, let’s face it, is even more crucial if we have a fuller bust!


brastop 1


Sometimes, even in our 50s or 60s, things happen that force us to rethink our underpinnings: significant weight fluctuation; illness; or wanting sexy new underwear following a major lifestyle shift… all of these may lead us to make underwear purchases, sometimes in new sizes. And then there’s simply the desire to own some pretty new bras and briefs (perhaps in gorgeous colours) that make us look better and therefore make us feel better.

On the subject of colour, we wonder if, like us, you are totally in lurve with all the fabulous brights and pretty pastels available in most cup sizes at Brastop, and in loads of shapes from balconette to plunge, strapless bras to T-shirt bras and Sports Bras.


brastop 2


At Brastop you will find fabulous bras in fuller cup sizes from D to K.

Also, they offer an A to Z of brands in lingerie and cup-size swimwear (oh yes, and hosiery and shapewear, too, of course) from dozens of our and your favourite brands, so do take a look and be tempted.

One of the features we like best is Brastop’s clever facility to input your bra size, allowing you to search for all the bras in your size and avoiding the disappointment of seeing a bra you like and then finding it isn’t available in your size…



We think a woman can never have too much lovely lingerie. What’s your view?


So what do you think?

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