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Debenhams Bra Fitting FI

With more bra choices than ever – and with most women unaware of their correct bra size – lingerie shopping is not always the enjoyable experience that it should be. But Debenhams have changed that with their clever bra-fitting guide and video.

Understanding that the correct fit is everything when it comes to wearing the right bra, Debenhams has put together this great step-by-step bra-fitting advice video to help you measure your bra size and ensure you always find the perfect fit.


Recognising that we are all different shapes and sizes, Debenhams always recommend that, where possible,  a woman should be professionally measured by one of their expert bra fitters.  Alternatively, their bra fit video is a good idea to help you to find the correct bra size. And do remember that just like our hips and other bits, our bodies change over the years and everyone should check their bra size at least every 10 years – more often if you have either put on or lost weight. But discovering how to get the right fitting bra is important, so, read the points below and take a few moments to watch the handy video and find out how to ensure you choose the bra that is right for you, now.

  • The underband (bra-speak for the bit of bra that goes round your body and, of course, across your back).  Getting this right is vital  as this is where all the support comes from.  This band should sit straight and horizontal across your back.  It  should be parallel to your briefs and should never ride up in the middle .
  • A perfectly fitting underband should allow you to place two fingers beneath it – if you can’t do that, it is too tight. If you find that the underband rides up your back, then it is not tight enough.
  • Straps do not support your breast;bra cups do, so straps should be evenly adjusted at a comfortable level. They are not there to pull the breasts up, that is the job of the rest of the bra; straps are there to assist gravity, only .
  • If you have the dreaded ‘double breast’ look (i.e. an extra pair of boobs spilling out of the top, bottom or sides of your bra) then your cup size is definitely too small. Equally, if the bra cups are loose or wrinkled you have selected a size that’s too big.

If you have any questions, or after watching the video realise your bra isn’t fitting quite as well as you thought, then pop into a Debenhams store and have a chat and a fitting session with one of the experts.

Once you’ve found the bra that’s a perfect fit for you, your lingerie drawer is going to need a serious style update. But fear not – the fabulous collection at Debenhams offers every type of bra you could possibly wish for. But don’t get lost in a sea of choice, our top picks are here to help you find the right style of bra for you.


The sports bra – Just as you wouldn’t run in a pair of sky high stilettos, you shouldn’t run in your underwired balconette bra. A great sports bra is an investment. 

debenhams bra fitting 1


The push up/plunge bra – If you are looking for some serious cleavage, the video explains that this is not the job of your bra straps, but the aptly named plunge bra. 

debenhams bra fitting 2 debenhams bra fitting 3


The t-shirt bra – Basic doesn’t have to mean boring. The t-shirt bra is a necessary purchase to ensure a perfectly smooth silhouette, with Debenhams and The Collection offering a coloured range of seam-free t-shirt bras perfect for everyday wear.

debenhams bra fitting 4 debenhams bra fitting 5


The balcony bra – For daytime glamour with a slight uplift, the balcony bra is a great option.  Choose your colour with this bra from Gorgeous or choose floral from Ted Baker.

debenhams bra fitting 6 debenhams bra fitting 7


The fuller bust bra – If you have a fuller bust, the total support underlies the delicate texture of these beautiful bras from Fantasie.  They tick all the right boxes.  

debenhams bra fitting 8 debenhams bra fitting 9


The strapless bra – This bra from The Collection features silicone-free, non-slip technology to ensure it stays in place all day long.

debenhams bra fitting 10



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